Coming Clean About Dry Cleaning

We have a right to know if toxic chemicals are used to clean our clothes. Join us in telling Toronto Public Health that dry cleaners should display chemical information so that consumers can make an informed choice.

Act now - send an email to Public Health using the form below. 

If you’ve ever stepped inside a dry cleaner's, you’ve probably noticed how many signs are hung in the shop windows or behind the counter, often with claims like ‘same day service’, ‘organic dry cleaning’, or ‘environmentally friendly’. But what’s really missing is a public health sign.

Dry cleaning isn’t actually dry. All cleaners get your clothes wet before they dry and press them. The difference is whether or not your clothes were soaked in harmful liquid chemical solvents or a water based product. Customers and neighbours near these cleaners often don’t know the health and environmental impacts of the dry cleaning chemicals being used. 

Much like restaurants in Toronto have to post a DineSafe sign in their window, TEA is advocating for a ‘clean safe’ sign to be posted in dry cleaning shops. Like the DineSafe signs, which are colour-coded and clearly display health information of restaurants, a "clean safe" sign should be colour-coded, visible to customers and easy to understand. 

These signs would help consumers make healthier choices and give community members a right-to-know about the chemicals used in their neighborhood. 

We have until April 13th to tell Toronto Public Health that dry cleaners should display information about toxic chemicals to protect the health of consumers and communities. Together, we can create demand for a “point of sale display program” for Toronto dry cleaners.

Send your comments to Toronto Public Health using the form below. Refer to our tips below the form to help your comments have the biggest impact possible. 

(Want to know more about this consultation? Visit the City's website or read the discussion document). 


    Prompts to help you personalize your comments:

  • Do you have a dry cleaning experience to share? Perhaps you regularly use a dry cleaner or work/live near a dry cleaning business.
  • Have you seen the ‘organic dry cleaner’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ signs and had your doubts? These signs are common and easily mislead customers.
  • Why do you think the public and consumers have a right to know about toxic chemicals?
  • Are you concerned about the health risks of dry cleaning chemicals? These chemicals can cause cancer, damage nervous systems, cause breathing problems, and pose risks to pregnant people.
  • Are you concerned about toxic chemicals in our air, soil and water?