Zero Waste Toronto

Zero Waste Toronto

Every day, Torontonians throw away packaging and products at home, at work and in public and private spaces across our city. Too often we throw away things that can be reused, recycled, or composted. By doing this, we are also throwing away good green jobs and a chance to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  

But there’s an alternative. 

Across the world, people, businesses, and cities are adopting a vision of zero waste.

A zero waste future is one in which goods are shared, designed to last and be easily recycled and repurposed. It’s about building a vibrant circular economy, where unwanted materials are not disposed in a landfill or incinerator, but become the raw materials for something new. A strong circular economy keeps valuable resources circulating in the local economy, supporting good green jobs, benefiting the community, and reducing harmful environmental impacts.

Join us in advocating for policies and programs that will help Toronto get to zero waste - while protecting our environment, benefiting our communities and creating good, green jobs.

What TEA is doing on Zero Waste: 

  • TEA pushed for a zero waste goal in Toronto’s  Long Term Waste Strategy
  • TEA helped shape, and continues to advocate for zero waste in the Waste Free Ontario Act

  • TEA plays a watchdog role at City Hall to ensure that the Waste Strategy stays on track
  • TEA works with Zero Waste community groups and businesses in Toronto





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