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Committees and Coalitions

TEA is a recognized expert on a host of important environmental issues facing the City of Toronto and the Province. That’s why we are asked to participate in advisory groups, coalitions and collaborations often convened by governments and other NGOs. Below is a list of initiatives we are active on, as of November 2014.  

City of Toronto: Environment and Energy Advisory Committee

Provides strategic advice for the City of Toronto on preparing for climate change.

City of Toronto: Health Impact Assessment Stakeholder Group
A group responsible for evaluating possible health impacts to Scarborough residents from the Highland Creek Treatment Plant.

City of Toronto: Toronto Long Term Waste Management Strategy
Stakeholder Advisory Group

City of Toronto: Toronto Water Pollution Prevention Plan Stakeholder Group
Select environmental groups are being consulted on the future of Toronto’s pollution prevention initiatives for industrial polluters.

Environment Occupational Stakeholder Group
A provincial toxics coalition including health organizations like Canadian Cancer Society and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario who promote toxics reduction actions at meetings with Ontario government officials.

Good Jobs for All
A coalition of labour, academic, and non-profit organizations that meet regularly to discuss and organize actions that promote good jobs for all. TEA is at the table to bring good green jobs and important city services like public transit into the conversation. 

Move the GTHA
A collaboration of business, labour, environmental, transportation and academic organizations working to promote regional transit. ("GTHA" is the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.)

Ontario Zero Waste Coalition
A coalition of Ontario-based environmental groups focusing on how to move Ontario to zero waste.

Ontario Greenbelt Alliance
A coalition of groups interested in improving Ontario’s Greenbelt. TEA is a permanent member of the Steering Committee. 

The Priorities Group
Ontario-based environmental groups focusing on strengthening the economy by improving environmental policies at Queen’s Park.

Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition
The Environmental and Occupational Carcinogens Working Group convenes monthly meetings between environment, health and labour organizations to plan campaigns to eliminate cancer-causing chemicals in Toronto’s environment and workplaces.