Tell Ontario: Ban and Regulate Single-Use Plastics

Plastics are too big of a problem for any government to ignore: they pollute our environment, they are costly to deal with, and relying on recycling just isn't enough. 

Ontario released a discussion paper on waste - including single-use plastics - and they are accepting comments from the public about their strategy.

Your public comment will show that Ontarians want a strategy that reduces problem plastics, holds companies accountable for the packaging they create and ensures incineration is never seen as a part of the plan to deal with plastics. 

A plastics solution for Ontario needs to focus on reduction and must:

  • Ban the top problem plastics now, and phase in bans for other single-use items
  • Pass rules to make producers responsible for recycling the products and packaging they sell
  • Use deposit systems to collect plastics, like drink containers, and keep them out of the environment
  • Never burn plastics and call that diversion. Thermal treatment is an expensive and toxic form of disposal that undermines a circular economy.

The Province of Ontario needs to hear from you. Send your comment before April 20th. 


[1] Provincial Discussion Paper: Reducing Litter and Waste in Our Communities, ERO# 013-4689 (March 2019) [LINK]

[2] CBC News, March 10, 2019: "Ontario government ponders ban on single-use plastics"  [LINK]

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