Andy McKinnon, Canvass Field Manager

Andy started working for TEA as a member of the canvass team in 2015 just after he moved here to Toronto.

Being part of the canvass team has been a great way for Andy to learn about Toronto’s different neighbourhoods and meet people who are passionate about environmental issues. Before he worked for TEA he was never really involved in the environmental movement. He always knew that the environment was something worth fighting for but a lot of times, especially with issues like climate change, he felt like he was too small to have an impact on such big issues. That is why he loves TEA.

Working here and seeing all the change this organization has built in the city has shown him that individuals can contribute to a better and greener environment. It’s why he loves talking to folks about TEA’s work on issues like waste diversion and toxics reduction. Progress is something that we can participate in and oftentimes we can feel the benefits sooner rather than later. Meeting new people and getting them excited about TEA is where he can give communities a voice at city hall and keep Toronto on track to build a greener city. The work is what keeps him motivated everyday.

As TEA's new Development Manager he is excited to share his experience and passion with our growing canvass team. He believes in the importance of our door-to-door efforts and know that the small interactions we have everyday can serve as a building block for all of TEA's work.