Axelle Janczur

Axelle Janczur has been working in the not for profit sector in Toronto for over 30 years. With practice grounded in principles of access and equity, her interests include addressing systemic barriers to services, working with vulnerable communities to achieve change. She is an experienced trainer and public speaker, and a committed volunteer. With an MA in political science and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, she has been working at Access Alliance Multicultural Heath and Community Services for the past 20 years as Executive Director, and has led them through a transformative process, prioritizing capacity building to enhance services for immigrants and refugees, developing a community based research agenda and advocating for improved access to the determinants of health for individuals and communities facing discrimination and marginalization. In her personal life, she lives with a recycling enthusiast and two rescue cats, is mother to an extreme vegan fixed gear cyclist and a feminist hiker/kayaker. With increasing anxiety about environmental issues, she is excited to join the board of TEA to support local actions on this global issue.