Take action

Toronto has a new Net Zero Strategy. Tell City Council to fund it.

Soon, City Council will vote on the 2022 City Budget. While Toronto passed its new Net Zero Strategy in December, the proposed 2022 City Budget doesn’t ramp up investments at the scale that is needed to achieve those targets and bring benefits from climate action.

The next few years are critical to act on the climate emergency. By investing now in actions that reduce emissions, increase our climate resilience and improve wellbeing, we can secure a liveable future for all. 

Tell City Council to ramp up investments in key, underfunded areas this year and take further action to scale up climate funding in the critical years ahead. Send your message and call for: 

  • Increased funding in this year’s Budget for programs that help reduce emissions and improve social equity - including greening housing and low-carbon transportation. 
  • Changes to the City Budget process, including more robust application of the “Climate Lens” on City spending, more meaningful public engagement and greater transparency.  
  • Immediate steps towards securing new and sustained sources of funding for climate action so that Toronto can ramp up at the scale that is outlined in the Net Zero Strategy. 

Years of underinvestment in priorities like climate, housing, transit and community services are leaving people more vulnerable. We can’t afford more delays. Contact your City Councillor and the Mayor before City Council votes on February 17th.