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Toronto Budget 2013

Victory for the Environment in 2013 City Budget!

At the January 2013 Council budget meeting, Councillors resisted proposals to cut programs that conserve energy, and instead, over 80% of Councillors voted for a motion that could dramatically increase energy retrofits across Toronto.

The Mayor's budget proposed to eliminate the $60M Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan Fund, ending support for energy retrofits in city-owned, private, and non-profit buildings across Toronto. On Wednesday, Councillors instead voted to provide loans for energy retrofits to city-owned as well as other buildings in the city. Read more here.

Read more about the City budget process and TEA's analysis of what it means for the environment on our 2013 Budget page.

About the city budget process:

The annual budget is time for Council to set priorities, programs and service cuts for the year ahead. Toronto's budget is considered in two stages:

Water & Waste budgets are voted on first. These budgets (called 'Rate-Supported Budgets') are supported by user fees paid like a utility.

The Operating & Capital budget is the major budget for all other City services, programs and activities (including roads, city planning, emergency services, social services and environmental programs). This budget is supported by property taxes paid be residents and commercial properties.

Operating & Capital Budgets

The 2013 Operating and Capital Budgets were finalized at Council on January 16, 2013. While energy retrofit programs were saved, Torontonians face yet another transit fare increase:


Water and Waste Budgets

On November 29th, Council voted to continue a discount to industrial water polluters in the 2013 budget. Council also voted against a modest waste fee increase to invest in future diversion infrastructure.

Toronto's 2013 budget process began on November 7th when the Water and Waste budgets were launched - these will be voted on at the end of
November. The Capital and Operating budgets for all other City services will be launched on November 29th, and voted on in January.

Read TEA's analysis and recommendations to Council by following these links:

Key dates:

  • Nov 7 - Water & Waste Budgets Launched
    Nov 12 - Public hearings on Water & Waste budgets at Budget Committee
    Nov 27 & 28 - Final debate & vote on Water & Waste budgets at Council


What you can do

Councillors are faced with many budget issues at this time of year, and it helps them to hear from their residents about what's important to them.

Call your Councillor and let them know that the environment is a priority for you. Ask your Councillor to vote for a budget that protects our water, increases our waste diversion and works towards a sustainble Toronto.