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Toronto Budget 2012

The annual budget is time for Council to set priorities, programs and service cuts for the year ahead. The 2012 budget process also reconsidered many of the service cuts proposed during the Core Service Review that occured over the spring and summer of 2011. 

Updates and Timeline

Capital & Operating Budgets

Jan 17 - Final debate & vote at Council

After a full day of debate, Council passed a budget that protects many environmental and other important city services. Thanks to the thousands of Torontonians who spoke out against the cuts, Councillors voted against many cuts to important services. Read more about the decision here, and see how your Councillor voted here.

Jan 12 - Budget Review/approval by Executive Committee

December 7 & 8 - Public Hearings on the Budgets

Nearly 350 people signed up to speak to the Budget Committee. Nearly all of the speakers asked the Committee to reject the proposed cuts to important environmental, transit and social services across the City. 

  • Watch the public hearings archive on Rogers - Day 1 and Day 2 (note: some users experience audio malfunctions if not watched in Internet Explorer)

December 2-6, 9 & 13 - Budget Committee debates Budgets

Nov 28 - Budgets launched at Budget Committee
The Mayor's proposed budget for 2012 was released, and it includes a range of cuts that will make Toronto a meaner, dirtier City. Read more here.


Rate-Supported Budgets (Water & Waste Budgets)

On November 29th, City Council voted on a budget for Solid Waste and Toronto Water rates for 2012. Council rejected proposals that would harm the environment. Read more here.

  • Nov 29 - Final debate & vote at Council
  • Nov 21 - Reviewed/approved by Executive Committee
  • Nov 10 - Presented to Budget Committee - public input permitted