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Smog and Climate Change

What's Ahead in 2014 

The severe flood and ice storm of 2013 gave us a peek into our climate change future. TEA will continue advocating for local solutions that reduce greenhouse gas production, get the city ready for climate change and clean the air. 

We are changing the very air that we breathe. Smog hurts our health while climate change threatens our future. These problems have a common source: the unnecessarily large amounts of gasoline, oil, coal and natural gas we burn every day to heat our homes, power our vehicles, manufacture goods and provide electricity.

This doesn't need to be the case. While Canadians are currently dependent upon the services that energy provides, we don't have to be dependent on fossil fuels. Energy conservation and renewable energy (such as wind and solar power) are just as technically feasible and economically available. They have the advantages of causing little or no pollution, creating jobs and income throughout the country, and insulating consumers from high energy prices.

The Toronto Environmental Alliance works at the local, provincial and national levels to improve air quality and curb climate change. We are working to create solutions to smog and climate change by:

  • Fighting for better public transit and limits to urban sprawl.
  • Promoting clean, green energy to replace polluting coal and nuclear plants.
  • Working with the Low Income Energy Network to ensure universal access to safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly energy.
  • Advocating for speedy implementation of the city's smog and climate change plan
  • Promoting actions to prepare us for climate change
  • Engaging the provincial and federal governments in developing new smog and climate change policy.

Smog and Climate Change Initiatives

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