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Smog Report Cards

For 10 years, TEA has been releasing annual Smog Report cards that evaluate actions taken by the City of Toronto to reduce smog emissions.

Click below for copies of past Smog Report Cards.

In 2008, TEA released a report card assessing councillors at the mid-point in their term on Council, giving a grade based on votes on a number of key environmental votes as well as smog and climate change issues. The comprehensive report can be downloaded below, or read online here. 

SmogReportCard2001.pdf153.51 KB
SmogReportCard2002.pdf181.43 KB
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SmogReportCard2004.pdf114.18 KB
SmogReportCard2005.pdf181.46 KB
SmogReportCard2006.pdf169.86 KB
SmogReportCard2007.pdf423.79 KB
Environment+SmogReportCard2008.pdf1.42 MB