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Actions by Toronto Council to Grow the Greenbelt

In February 2010, City Council adopted motions supporting -in principle- adding the Don and Humber River Valleys to the Greenbelt and calling on City staff to work with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and report back to the Planning and Growth Management Committee about how to proceed.

An April 13, 2011 staff report noted that there was no existing mechanism for Toronto to add these lands to the Greenbelt. City Council requested the Provincial Government to change the Greenbelt Plan to allow municipalities to add river valleys to the Greenbelt.

In January 2013, the Province amended the Greenbelt Plan and put in place a mechanism called the Urban River Valleys (URV) designation that allows publicly owned urban river valleys to be added to the Greenbelt by way of municipal request.

In February 2014, Toronto City Council directed City staff to begin the process of adding lands along the Humber and Don River valleys and along Etobicoke Creek to the Greenbelt.

In July 2014, Council directed staff to bring back a final report in February 2015 with a map of public lands to be added. Read TEA’s media release on this decision.

Winter Valley March 2014
Don Valley Winter, March 2014, (S. Wineland)  

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