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TPH_Reference document in pdf format below.



1. In what ways might the proposed program impact you or your community/organization?

  • The program would lead businesses to become more aware of the toxic chemicals they use and release and it would encourage them to reduce their emissions. This would in turn clean up the air my family and my neighbours breathe.
  • This program would honour a community and worker's right to know about potential hazardous exposures and health and environmental risks we face so that we can make informed decisions regarding where we work and live.
  • The program would educate our communities about toxic chemical exposure and their environmental and health effects and lead to greater community and worker involvement in preventing exposure and reducing risk.
  • The program would help in greening businesses in my neighbourhood. First it would allow me to identify the businesses that are potentially putting the health of our communities at risk. This would then allow the community to work with the business to find ways of reducing (perhaps even eliminating) this risk.
  • The information provided by the program would go a long way in making my community safer for example in the case of an industrial fire or accident the fire department will have a better idea of what potential toxic chemicals the community will be exposed to.

2. How would you make use of the information collected through the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Program?

  • This information could be used to kick start an environmental assessment of my community and focus our efforts in reducing toxic chemical exposure.
  • The information could be used to make informed decisions with regard to the services I use where I send my children to school etc.
  • The information potentially allows me to make links between my family's health and our exposure to local environmental toxins.
  • The program would provide the relevant information needed in order to confidently approach and negotiate with businesses in my community in an effort to decrease their toxic harm.
  • The information would allow me and the community to track a business's pollution prevention efforts.

3. How could the City make the information accessible understandable and relevant for users?

  • The City should provide an easy to use online program where I could access the information by typing in my postal code.
  • Neighbourhood maps on the website would be very useful to visualize where the businesses are located in conjunction to my home.
  • It would be important to provide context with the information. For example information on the health effects of the toxic chemicals released in my neighbourhood and what levels of exposure are unhealthy.
  • Provide information as it affects different age groups and community members i.e. who are most at risk?
  • Provide individuals with a link to what our environmental rights are.
  • Use simple language.
  • For those who do not have a computer overcome the digital divide by providing the information at other sources ex. libraries mall kiosks fire stations etc.
  • To gauge the environmental issues in my community, it would be beneficial if the City would amalgamate all of its environmental information such as environmental assessments of potential developments sewer use bylaw infractions etc... into one easily accessible environmental website.

4. Any additional comments?

  • I strongly support this initiative and congratulate the City in taking a bold step forward in protecting our community's health and environment.


Lina Cino
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