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Toronto businesses support ChemTRAC

There is a lot of greening to do in Toronto's institutional, commercial and industrial sectors, but some companies have already committed to pollution prevention and are strong supporters of the ChemTRAC program.

Here are a number of great statements we've collected from local businesses that not only support the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure by-law in Toronto and the ChemTRAC reporting program, they've already taken steps to improve their business practices for the sake of our health, the environment and their bottom line!

Calstone Inc.
"Calstone has been a supporter of the ChemTRAC program and Toronto's toxic emissions reduction program from the very beginning. We always have been open about the chemicals we use in our manufacturing facility as we at Calstone believe that it is our duty as manufacturers to minimize the chemical output of our plant. We were using trichloroethylene in our Vapour Degreaser but have switched to a more environmentally friendly soap based solvent, TechKleen NPB. Techkleen NPB has a much lower atmospheric lifetime than other harmful chemicals and almost zero global warming potential. Calstone will be switching to a water base paint in the near future to further rid the plant of harmful toxins. Calstone congratulates the City of Toronto on the first year of their program and encourages other manufacturers to learn about the chemicals used in their production and work with ChemTRAC to reduce or eliminate them".
- Jim Ecclestone, President and Owner of Calstone, a family owned furniture manufacturer in Scarborough.

Steam Whistle Breweries
“Steam Whistle is proud to be able to report Zero Emissions through
the City of Toronto’s ChemTRAC program. We have always been an
environmentally-minded organization but this new disclosure by-law which
we voluntarily participate in, encouraged us to go beyond some of our
larger green initiatives on water & energy consumption and waste
creation, to examine every kind of cleaning agent we were using. We
abandoned some brewing industry solvents and went back to shining tanks
with vinegar and we removed all phosphates from our bottle washing
process. These actions have had a positive impact on the cleanliness of
the waste water exiting our operations.  Whether businesses/industry
fall in the ‘Required to Report’ or ‘Voluntary’ category, participation
in the ChemTRAC program provides an opportunity to clean up operations
and be environmental leaders.”

- Greg Taylor, Co-founder of Steam Whistle Brewing

Thistle Printing Ltd.
“As an environmental and health & safety proactive company, Thistle Printing constantly endeavours to reduce impacts to both our working environment and the natural environment. To this end we have actively participated in the Toronto Region Sustainability Program. Thistle Printing has twice conducted a 3rd party multi media Pollution Prevention (P2) Assessment in recent years and successfully followed the recommendations. At a minimum our policy is to maintain compliance with all applicable regulations and bylaws. As with Toronto’s Sewer Bylaw Chapter 681, requiring a P2 Plan for specified subject pollutants, ChemTRAC allows us to be aware of key toxic substances. These can then be assessed as to applicability in our workplace and target reduction or elimination if they exist. Not only has this process helped our environmental and community goals it has reduced waste and costs.”
- Bryan Hockaday, V.P & General Manager of Thistle Printing Limited

Eco Cleaners
“ChemTRAC not only empowers consumers to make safer, healthier choices but it also encourages businesses to do better. As a business that offers toxic free dry cleaning, being green is not only the right decision, it’s the logical business decision. As consumer awareness grows of the impact of the goods and services they buy on the environment and their health, being green is no longer a lifestyle choice but has become a choice for life. As a consumer and resident of this great city, I am proud of our city for giving me the choice and knowledge to make healthier, greener decisions for me and my family.”
- Tim Yoo, Eco Cleaners

C.J. Graphics Inc.
"C.J. Graphics Inc. Group of Companies has been, and will continue to be, an avid supporter of the Toronto ChemTRAC initiative... We have drastically reduced our dependence on toxic chemicals and have replaced them with ecologically sound alternatives. We are consistently below the parameters required for any of the monitored substances."
- Jay Mandarino, President, G.J. Graphic Inc. Printers and Lithographers
Read more of their statement, submitted to the Board of Health in support of the ChemTRAC program (May 29, 2012).

Back in 2008, when the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure by-law was passed by City Council, a number of businesses, labour groups, health associations and environmental organizations provided statements to show their support. Read the Community Right to Know by-law support statements from 2008.