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Take Action!

The ChemTRAC program provides valuable public information on toxins across Toronto. Communities and individuals can use this information to help prevent pollution and protect health!

Current Actions

Exercise your 'right to know' about toxic chemicals - Look up your home address on the ChemTRAC Map today!

Find out where Mercury is found in Toronto - Explore TEA's Mercury in Toronto Map to identify local sources of Mercury and read about Green Case Studies that are reducing toxic exposures!

Past Actions

June 30, 2014 - The Board of Health meeting included the third annual ChemTRAC Program Report from Toronto Public Health. Eight toxic chemicals were identified as the 'Substances of Highest Concern' in Toronto. TEA's efforts prompted a commitment to targeted action in 2015. Read more

June 14, 2013 - The Board of Health meeting included the second annual ChemTRAC Program Report from Toronto Public Health as well as kickstarted the public posting of Phase 2 chemical data online. Read more

June 25, 2012 - On Monday June 25th at 1:00 PM the Board of Health met at City Hall. One of their important agenda items was the results of first round of ChemTRAC data. Toronto Public Health staff were there to discuss their findings and the next steps they have planned to protect our health and prevent pollution. TEA and other organizations deputed to show support for this exciting new program.

Download your free copy of the Toronto Toxic Reduction Tool Kit! 

The Toronto Toxic Reduction Tool Kit is a great resource to help community leaders investigate local toxic substances and take steps to reduce exposures and releases in their neighbourhood or work place. Whether you want to learn more about how to research chemical releases, organize an action in your community, how to track exposures in your workplace, or investigate chemicals in your home - this tool kit has something for you! Get your copy at http://torontoenvironment.org/campaigns/toxics/TTRTK


Exercise your right to know and help deTOx your neighbourhood! 

Step 1: Look up chemical use and release data for your neighbourhood on the ChemTRAC map: http://app.toronto.ca/ctpd/findFacility.html
What did you find? Were certain businesses releasing large amounts of particular substances? Did you notice if any local businesses provided an Environmental Statement in their report? You can compare how similar businesses performed on the same chemical releases by looking up the name of the substance.

Step 2: Think about the types of institutional, commercial and industrial buildings in your neighbourhood. Are any of them not on the map and you think they should be? If a business in your area fits the description of a Phase 1 facility but you can't find them listed, please email Toronto Public Health at [email protected] to notify them. They will follow up with the business. It's still a very new program and some businesses might not have realized they were supposed to report yet!

Remember the ChemTRAC map is only showing chemical reports for the Phase 1 businesses which include: chemical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, wood-based industries like furniture makers and paper producers, printing and publishing, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and power generation facilities.
By June 2103 we'll have information on Phase 2 businesses such as dry cleaners, autobody shops, funeral services and much more!

Step 3: If you do have chemical releases in your community that you want to address, contact your local City Councillor and get in touch with TEA. We have had success connecting community members to local businesses that have pollution issues and by working together the local environment has improved! Read more at www.goodneighbourcampaigns.ca or contact TEA's Toxics Campaigner, Heather Marshall