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Toxics in Toronto Map (2003)


This map shows over 7000 tonnes of pollution released to our air, land and water from over 200 industries in 2003. These chemical pollutants are toxic to humans - known or suspected to cause cancer, damage our reproductive and respiratory systems, and disrupt hormone balance and development in children. Under federal law, certain industries have to report such releases to the public.

Download entire map or ward-by-ward tables that show which companies are releasing what chemicals.

In late November 2005, TEA issued a press release to announce the map and the results of our study. In particular, 6 wards stood out for having over 500 tonnes of toxic on-site releases in their area. 

This map doesn't show all local polluters.

Typically, a company only has to publicly report its pollution if it uses over ten tonnes of a listed chemical and has more than ten employees. In Toronto, over forty thousand companies fall below these thresholds and don't have to report*. Residents and local politicians don't know the full story of what is polluting the air, water and land in their wards and across the city.

*Please visit our Community Right to Know (CRTK) campaign
page to learn more about the 2008 victory that led to the first CRTK
by-law in Canada. Starting in 2012, we are now able to access
information on the use and release of toxic substances from small
businesses across Toronto through ChemTRAC.

Your neighbourhood is at risk.

While some Toronto neighbourhoods have more polluters in their backyards than others, pollution doesn't stay put. Depending on the wind, releases in Etobicoke can land in North York, Scarborough or anywhere else in Toronto.

Children are most vulnerable.

We are all at risk from pollution, however our children are most vulnerable. The way they eat, breathe and play means that pound per pound, they take in more pollution than adults. Their growing bodies and minds are more susceptible to the damage pollution can cause.