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E-Bulletins / Donate

Subscribe to our E-Bulletins

  • Councilwatch is our general e-bulletin, covering all the issues we work around. It comes out on an approximately monthly basis, but more or less frequently depending on the tempo of events. To see a sample of Councilwatch, go here. To subscribe to Councilwatch, click here.
  • We also have an e-bulletin specific to our Toxics campaign. To see a sample of the Community Right to Know (CRTK) e-bulletin click here. To subscribe to the CRTK e-bulletin, click here.


Make a donation

You can contribute to TEA's work and the environment by making a donation here. Please include your name and address with your donation so we can send you a copy of our newsletter 'TEA Leaves'.

To find out about becoming a monthly donor call us at 416-596-0500.