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Building a Better Transit System

On Monday November 10, ATU Local 113, the union which represents transit workers in Toronto, released Toronto’s Transit Future. This report made 68 recommendations designed to improve TTC service.
TEA was there and congratulated the transit union for proposing a plan that reinforces TEA’s calls to improve service and build transit that will help the most people as quickly as possible.
Toronto’s Transit Future gives a detailed analysis of the many challenges facing the TTC and provides dozens of specific and costed-out recommendations for addressing them. 

“Toronto’s transit crisis is worse than most people realize,” said Bob Kinnear, President of Local 113 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, at a City Hall press conference.
“The TTC had been going downhill for many years, even before the four lost years of the City’s Ford administration, when transit services were cut and bickering about expansion projects paralyzed progress.” 
“Governments at all three levels must act swiftly and decisively or our city’s further economic development will be strangled by intolerable road congestion and our increasingly polluted air will kill even more people than it does already.”

You can see the full text and a video about the report and at: