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Transit Resources & Further Information

More Information on Transit and Transit City:

January 2011 Bus Service Cuts

TTC Proposal to cut service on 48 bus routes  Jan 2011 - TTCriders blog

TTC Revised proposal to cut service on 41 bus route Feb 2011 - TTC media release


Transit Options in Toronto

Opinion Poll on Toronto Transit - January 2011 (PDF) - Leger Marketing
A poll looking at public opinion about Transit City, transport modes (Light Rail Transit vs Subway, and showing clear preference for the existing Transit City Plan over a new, more expensive plan.

Rob Ford's Transportation Plan - Sept 2010 (PDF)
A transit plan released by Rob Ford during the 2010 Municipal Election outlining his perspectives and ideas on transportation for Toronto.

Sheppard LRT vs Ford's Subway Plan - Dec 2010 (external link)
An infographic put together by the Globe and Mail

Sheppard Subway vs. Sheppard East LRT - Nov 2010 (PDF)
A presentation prepared by the TTC explaining the differences between a proposed Sheppard Subway extension and the approved and funded Sheppard East LRT plan.

  TEA Map Comparing Light Rail Transit Plan with Subway Expansion Plan - Jan 2011

Making tracks to Torontonians: Building transit where we need it - Jan 2011, Pembina Institute

The report provides a detailed comparison of the light rail transit
expansion plan adopted by the City of Toronto and the Province and the
proposed subway expansion plan.


Transit City Plans

TTC Transit City web page with information and maps (also available below)

Transit City Light Rail Plan Maps

LRT lines - Current lines Approved and Funded

TTC Video explaining the Light Rail Plan (external) - TTC

Transit City Bus Plan - July 2009 (PDF)
A companion plan to the Transit City Light Rail Plan, the Bus Plan includes increased service, additional express service, enhanced rider amenities and customer service plans. 


Light Rail Transit - Facts about what it is and how it works

CLEARING THE AIR ON THE TTC: Recommendations to Increase the Environmental Benefits of the TTC - Nov 2010- TEA and TTCriders

Citizen’s Guide to Light Rail Transit - Mar 2007
A report put together by TEA to help explain the difference between public transit modes (subway, LRT, streetcar and bus).


Transit Funding and Privatization

KeepTTCPublic video - 20 minute documentary (in 2 parts) about the experience of transit privatization in Melbourne, London and Vancouver - Sept 2010

Facts on Transit Privatization - from the KeepTTCPublic campaign of the Public Transit Coalition

Funding options for Transit Expansion in the GTA -July 2010 (PDF) - Toronto City Summit Alliance