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Take Action & Save Transit City

Tell Premier McGuinty and his Government to keep their promises and restore Transit City funding now!

With the release of the Ontario Budget, Premier McGuinty broke an important promise by cutting $4 Billion in funding for Transit City. At best, this means a five year delay. Most likely however, this cut will kill the Transit City Plan.

We need your help in a city-wide effort to save Transit City. If you care about the future of our public transit system, please contact your MPP now!

Take Action:

  1. Email the Province
  2. Phone your MPP

Transit City would have finally provided desperately needed rapid transit to Toronto’s inner suburbs which include several priority neighbourhoods. It would have removed millions of cars from our crowded streets, helping to address some of the world’s worst gridlock while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants.

Transit City is too vital to Toronto to be delayed. Delay:

  • more deaths due to smog as Torontonians continue using polluting cars instead of switching to new light rail transit
  • more greenhouse gas emissions undermining Toronto's push to combat climate change
  • harming Toronto's economy as dollars are spent battling traffic congestion and paying for the health costs of smog-related illnesses
  • dooming Torontonians in all corners of the city to overcrowding, slow service and gridlock because the system can't handle the demand.
  • Harms Toronto’s economy by eliminating thousands of promised Transit City jobs

Premier McGuinty promised Torontonians $8 billion to help build Transit City. He promised this money would flow quickly.

“The time to make this sort of ambitious realistic investment is now. Our economy demands it. What’s more, our families deserve it, because gridlock not only saps strength out of our economy, it steals time from our families.”
McGuinty Government Action Plan for Rapid Transit Will Move the Economy Forward – June 15, 2007

Now, Premier McGuinty has broken his promise. If enough of us share our frustrations with our MPPs, it will be clear to them that the political price for delaying Transit City is too high and we can force the Government to reverse this very bad decision. With your help, we can put Transit City back on track!

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