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New Waste Reduction Strategy for Ontario

Update May 2014: The proposed Waste Reduction Act (Bill 91) is obsolete due to the Provincial election in June 2014.

Background: On June 6, 2013, a new Waste Reduction Act was proposed that would drastically improve recycling and waste diversion in Ontario.

On September 4, 2013, TEA and over a dozen other NGOs submitted a joint statement to the Ministry of the Environment on the proposed Act and accompanying Strategy. Read our submission here.

The welcome change to Ontario policy has been long-awaited by Environmental groups, recyclers, manufacturers, cities and the government.

The proposed Waste Reduction Act and Strategy would eliminate eco-fees, improve accountability for recycling, set environmental standards, and ensure that the companies pay for the recycling or disposal of the products they sell. 

TEA, along with a number of other environmental groups from Ontario and across Canada, have been calling for better Producer Responsibility regulations that make companies cover the costs of disposal and recycling of the products they design and sell.  

If the Waste Reduction Strategy sets clear and tough environmental standards, and backs up those standards with strict enforcement, it would go a long way to protect the environment, support green business innovation, and cut costs for municipalities and taxpayers.


Next Steps:

  • The Act and Strategy will be debated at Queen's Park and will be in front of a legislative standing committee.
  • TEA will continue to monitor the details of the Strategy and Act to ensure that high standards are backed by strict enforcement and submit comments to the government.
  • TEA will continue to work with environmental NGOs across Ontario and other stakeholders to ensure that high environmental standards are a priority.
  • We'll keep our members up to date on how you can get involved to ensure the environment is protected in the new Act.

Further information:

Take Action:

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