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Beach Watch

Toronto beaches should be open, every beach, everyday.

In decades past, Toronto's beaches, often crowded, were a central part of summertime in the City. As the City grew, overflows from the sewer system polluted the water and our beaches, now often unswimmable, have become a very visible symbol of that pollution. Sadly, Toronto's beaches are no longer attractive to a majority of residents or tourists and a generation has grown up without clean beaches. This is valuable public space in the city that has been lost.

Change is happening! This summer the City raised Blue Flags at its cleanest beaches. While the majority of beaches remain polluted, the Blue Flags are a welcome sign of hope and optimism for the future of our beaches. Toronto City Council has also adopted a long-term strategy to reduce pollution in our watersheds and beaches and raise more Blue Flags along our waterfront.

TEA's Beach Watch Program

TEA offers support to residents wanting to get involved in cleaning up their local beach and researches and promotes actions the city can take to improve water quality. To learn all about beach pollution and solutions check out our Water Publication's section.