Donation FAQs

Does TEA issue tax receipts for donations?


TEA is a non-profit organization, but contributions to TEA are NOT tax deductible.

Although TEA is a registered non-profit organization (Ontario Registration #000 975 671), we are not a charity so we cannot issue tax receipts. The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) restricts the amount of time and resources that registered charitable organizations can devote to advocacy on government policy issues. By not being a registered charity, we are free of this restriction.

The unrestricted public donations from our members and supporters allow us to pursue our core mandate - to promote A Greener City for All - more effectively.


How is my donation used?

TEA spends approximately 78% on our programming, 10.5% on our fundraising and 11.5% on general administrative costs

Unrestricted public donations from our supporters allow us to pursue our core mandate to promote a greener Toronto enabling us to spend time talking to City Councillors and engage residents in public policy debates.

Where does TEA's funding come from?

TEA receives funds from two main sources: foundation grants and the donations from the public. Through the generous support of our funders and donors, TEA works to build A Greener City for All. Read more about our major donors and funders

How do I become a monthly donor or change my monthly donation?

Signing up to be a monthly donor is easy. You can sign up online today. You can also call the TEA office or mail in your donation. 

You are in control of your monthly donations - you are able to increase, decrease, cancel or put your donation on hold at any time

Please contact us by phone at 416.596.0660 or by email at [email protected] to update or cancel your donation. 

You have rights as a monthly donor. Please consult your financial institution to inquire about PAD (pre- authorized debit) agreement or consult the Canadian Payments Association by visiting

Why does TEA send people door-to-door?

The best way to reach the most Torontonians is to visit them at their homes. Last year, TEA knocked on over 88,000 doors speaking to Torontonians about environmental issues that directly affected them. What better way to talk about what’s going on in your backyard then to be in your backyard?

Through tens of thousands of conversations we are able to raise support to get Councillors at City Hall to make the environment a priority. And remember, we don’t just knock on your door, we knock on City Hall doors too!

How do I make a legacy gift to TEA?

A legacy gift is a wonderful way to ensure that TEA can continue to promote A Greener City For All in your memory. Making a legacy gift requires a few easy steps. Learn more about how you can make a legacy contribution.