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Federal Election 2008: Questions For Your Federal Candidates

Are you wondering what to ask candidates that come to your door this election. Well, TEA has three suggestions:

First, ask your candidates to agree to halt development of the Aberta Tar Sands. Tar sands oil is dirty oil, and it is releasing three times more green house gases in its production alone. Its just not the right answer to the world’s energy needs.

Second, ask your candidates if their party supports a national transit strategy. Public transit makes our communities more livable and our air breathable. Every other G8 country has a national transit strategy that builds and funds transit, its time for Canada to get on board.


Last, ask them if they will ban bisphenol A from food and beverage containers, this a chemical that leaches from the plastic into the stuff we consume and its been linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and developmental problems in our children. Our health and our children’s health must come first.

On election day, please use your vote in the way you think will best help our planet.