Elizabeth Teo, Communications Assistant

Elizabeth Teo joined the TEA team in 2020 as Communications Assistant. Elizabeth is a passionate Chinese American and Canadian environmental educator,  communicator and content creator focused on creating awareness and providing actionable steps on environmental issues through an intersectional lens. 

On her personal blog and Instagram (@zerowastecutie), Elizabeth covers topics such as fast fashion, waste and climate change through an intersectional lens.

Her blog has been featured in Vogue, CNBC, Bustle, The Good Trade, Huffington Post, Facebook and more. She was born near Seattle, Washington and moved to Ontario in 2015. She then graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physical and Environmental Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto. 

In addition to her work at the Toronto Environmental Alliance, ​Elizabeth has helped many sustainable brands and environmental nonprofits improve their reach online so they can share their important message to the world!