Environmentalists Applaud City’s Climate Plan for Offering Hope and Prosperity to Torontonians


MAY 4, 2017

Toronto: Today, City Councillors from the Parks and Environment Committee will consider a new climate change strategy for Toronto that sets out a roadmap for building a green and prosperous City. The plan lays out the path for achieving an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050 by building stronger communities.

“We are excited about this plan and the wide range of benefits it will offer communities,” said Dusha Sritharan, Climate Campaigner with the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA). “For the first time, City Hall has a climate change plan that prioritizes making life more affordable, creating good green jobs and helping reduce poverty.”

“Right now we know that urgent repairs are needed for Toronto’s social housing and that we need to respond to rising unemployment,” said Sritharan. “Starting with social housing, the new plan aims to retrofit every building in Toronto, by 2050.This is expected to produce the equivalent of 80,000 job years.”

The plan is part of a growing trend across the world where cities are recognizing the important role they play in climate action.

“The plan shows the world that Toronto is ready to join with other cities and become a climate leader,” said Sritharan. "The plan offers hope for Torontonians by making it clear that investments in climate action can help achieve other important priorities, like poverty reduction and job creation.”

If it is adopted today, City Council will consider the plan on May 24th.

“There is every reason for City Council to unanimously adopt the climate plan because it will benefit everyone in the city,” said Sritharan. “Come budget time, Council needs to set aside the necessary funds in the 2018 budget to start reaping the many benefits this plan will offer to Torontonians.”

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For more information, contact: Dusha Sritharan: 416-473-7918 About the Toronto Environmental Alliance: TEA has been advocating for “a greener city for all” since 1988. TEA has a long history of success working with communities, businesses and labour groups to create better environmental laws at City Hall and the Province.