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TEA's Elect Environment Survey 2006

The Toronto Environmental Alliance has released its Elect Environment Report Card for the Municipal Election on November 13th. The report card is based on incumbent voting records and candidate surveys, and aims to give residents the information they need to elect green candidates.

TEA polled candidates on a variety of environmental initiatives due to be debated by City Council during the next term. At the top of the list is an Air Quality Strategy to reduce smog causing pollutants 20% by 2010 as well as a bylaw to force local industries to report pollution released to Toronto's air water and land to the public - aptly called a Community Right to Know By-law.

100 City Council Candidates, including over half of all incumbents, completed the survey and received a grade.TEA also polled and graded Mayoral candidates, 10 of which completed the survey.

A summary of our findings can be found here.

The votes we used to grade the incumbents and how they voted can be found here.

A more detailed look at how candidates responded to the survey issue-by-issue can be found here.

The survey questions can be found here.