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Fleetwood Fine Furniture Campaign Updates

November: Fleetwood ships out of Alderwood and goes offshore

16/11/09 - We have received surprising news. In January 2010, Fleetwood Fine Furniture will move the balance of its domestic manufacturing to Asia while maintaining its Toronto facility as a ‘Custom Design Centre’. 

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Campaign Update - October, 2009

  1. Campaign update: 300 letters to Fleetwood & Etobicoke Guardian 
  2. Call to Action: Letter writing to Counsel Corp (Fleetwood's parent company)  

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Campaign Update - September 3, 2009

Check out the September edition of Snap Etobicoke here for their coverage of our Good Neighbour Park Party

Campaign Update – August 19, 2009

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Campaign Update – June 23, 2009

Campaign Update: June 2, 2009

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