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Campaign Update: June 2, 2009

  1. May 19 meeting with Fleetwork Fine Furniture
  2. *New* Working Group Formed!
  3. Letter Writing Update
  4. We are keeping Pollution Logs!
  5. Knocking on your neighbours' doors!

1. Fleetwood Meeting
On May 19, three volunteers from the community and the TEA Good Neighbour Co-ordinator met with Reg Tiessen, President and Nick Renda, V.P. of Operations of Fleetwood Fine Furniture.  The one hour meeting consisted of an exchange of manufacturing details, community concerns and an appeal to continue to meet and work together in the future.  The intention of this initial meeting was to determine how and in what capacity we will continue to talk to each other.  Fleetwood was potentially receptive to meeting again and had asked to be given a month to think how about how they will proceed. 

This is the first step of building a relationship with our neighbour Fleetwood and we are optimistic that with a clear, focused, and ongoing campaign we will see some real change.

2. Working group formed
Our first community meeting was held on May 4th and it was an incredible turnout.  Out of that meeting, a working group of community leaders was formed who communicate on a daily basis.  Having this group is key to momentum building - their commitment to this campaign is inspiring.

3. Letter Writing Update
At the heart of this campaign is the letter writing.  Thank you to everyone who has sent them in!  Every letter counts so if you have not written please take the time to let Fleetwood know how their behaviour is affecting the neighbourhood.  For more information please click here.

4. Pollution Logs
We’re keeping track of the odours being emitted by Fleetwood!  The month of May is over and now onto to the June logs.   Keeping a log of what you experience is useful for many purposes:

  • Connecting particular smells to particular processes happening in your local industrial plant.
  • Documenting the scope and details of air pollution problems in your community.
  • Creating a body of evidence that the polluter cannot deny and to justify increased monitoring.

Your input is invaluable so please download the June Pollution Log and let’s work towards clearing the air!

5. Knocking on your neighbours door!
We are building campaign awareness!  Knocking on doors, handing out flyers and gernerating letters.  It’s important to keep talking to your neighbours and you can now direct them to this website for more information, how to get involved and for campaign updates.

Also, keep us posted on any community events coming up.  The event could be an ideal opportunity to hand out some information and have some more conversations.

Your neighbours and I thank you for your support!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Lina Cino
Good Neighbour Campaign Co-ordinator
Toronto Environmental Alliance
30 Duncan St. Suite 201
Toronto, ON  M5V 2C3
[email protected]