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Campaign Update – June 23, 2009

  1. Moving Forward with Fleetwood – Second Meeting
  2. Recap of First Meeting with Fleetwood

1. Moving Forward with Fleetwood – Second Meeting

On June 23rd, a neighbourhood representative and members from TEA met with the management of Fleetwood & a representative from the parent company, Counsel Corp.  It was a productive meeting; they are engaged and we hope they will continue to talk and work with the community. 

Your letters are really important.  Please take the time to write to Fleetwood to encourage them to continue to meet with the community and to look at options to significantly reduce their chemical emissions.

2. Recap of First Meeting with Fleetwood

Our previous campaign update (on June 2nd) stated that on May 19, three volunteers from the community and the TEA Good Neighbour Co-ordinator met with Reg Tiessen, President and Nick Renda, V.P. of Operations of Fleetwood Fine Furniture.  The one hour meeting consisted of an exchange of manufacturing details, community concerns and an appeal to continue to meet and work together in the future.  The intention of this initial meeting was to determine how and in what capacity we will continue to talk to each other.  Fleetwood was potentially receptive to meeting again and had asked to be given a month to think how about how they will proceed. 

This is the first step of building a relationship with our neighbour Fleetwood and we are optimistic that with a clear, focused, and ongoing campaign we will see some real change.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Lina Cino
Good Neighbour Campaign Co-ordinator
Toronto Environmental Alliance
30 Duncan St. Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5V 2C3
[email protected]