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Campaign Update: October 2009

  1. Campaign update: 300 letters to Fleetwood & Etobicoke Guardian 
  2. Call to Action: Letter writing to Counsel Corp (Fleetwood's parent company)  

Campaign Update

First, thank you all for your continued support! The campaign is growing - we’ve raised neighbourhood awareness, we have sent Fleetwood over 300 letters, and we have continued to document the pollution we are being exposed to.

These are great accomplishments but we cannot sit back, we must continue to take action. Fleetwood has an entrenched mindset of ‘not much can be done’ but we completely disagree. There are plenty of alternatives to reducing their toxic footprint including switching to water based solvents, investing in better finishing technology, and installing a closed loop drying system.

If you haven’t seen it already, here is a recent article about the campaign that was in the Etobicoke Guardian.
Also, here is a link to the letter to the editor I submitted.


Call to Action

One of our next steps in this campaign is sending a letter to each member of Counsel Corporation’s Board. Counsel Corp is the parent company that controls Fleetwood Fine Furniture. Counsel Corp is an asset management company and it purchased Fleetwood in 2004 and hired Mr. Reg Tiessen as their President. Mr. Tiessen and the Operations Manager, Nick Renda owns a small percentage of Fleetwood.

The decision making power ultimately rests with Counsel Corp and therefore, we are appealing to their board to take our campaign seriously and to consider investing toward a sustainable and toxic free future.

We need your help! We need you to write a letter to the Board.

It is important that they understand what the community is feeling; wouldn’t they demand change if they lived in a neighbourhood where they had to close the windows on a beautiful day because they are afraid of what their children are inhaling. Or they had to respond to their child who asks if the bad smell is poison? Or not being able to take their dog out for a walk because they couldn’t bear the smell?

I realize that life is busy but if you can take ten minutes of your time to write a letter it will be worth it. Even if you have already sent one to Fleetwood, we need you to write another to their Board. Every letter counts and we need a whole bunch to make a statement!

Please email me the letter by November 15, 2009 and we will package them all together and send them off to each member.

Your neighbours thank you!

Lina Cino
Good Neighbour Campaign Coordinator
[email protected]