Liz Glor-Bell, Acting Development Manager

Liz joined TEA's canvass team in January 2016. She is a community activist and organizer who has engaged people all across Toronto in the pursuit of environmental sustainability and social justice. 

She trains the frontline campaigns team on fundraising techniques and best practices around engaging communities across Toronto in TEA's outreach efforts. When it is time for TEA to hold events, Liz acts as events coordinator, working with the development director to plan events and achieve sponsorship from local businesses.

Liz has a background organizing for various grassroots campaigns across Toronto, and joined TEA after completing a successful campaign with NoJetsTO. Her background includes tourism and event planning, working with individuals with disabilities and advocacy in the addiction treatment field.

A transplant to Toronto, it was Liz's discovery of Toronto's green spaces that made her love the city. Protecting those green spaces and making them accessible to the public is her passion.