City Waste Strategy survey tip sheet

The City’s Long Term Waste Strategy survey is out! Now is your chance to answer questions and share your thoughts on how Toronto should be a zero waste city.

The survey is focused on your experience, and should take 10-15 minutes to answer.  You can answer the survey online, or request a paper copy. You have until April 27 to answer the survey.

See TEA's thoughts on the draft strategy and the consultation in our blog updates

Some key things to remember:

  • You don’t need to be an expert - share your thoughts and ideas, and what you’ve seen and experienced as someone who lives, works and/or plays in Toronto.   Think about times and places when you’re not able to reduce, reuse, recycle or compost easily - what information or tools would help you, or your community?

  • Q9 - TEA believes that creating and enforcing rules to reduce waste is a key part of building a zero waste future. Something we’d like to see that is not listed on the City survey is a rule requiring that all businesses and high-rise buildings have the same access to recycling and composting services that houses already have.

  • Q11 - TEA believes Toronto should commit to a Zero Waste goal!

  • We think the City can move much faster than the timeline in the draft strategy - Toronto is ready now! 
  • We think Toronto should do whatever it can to avoid disposal in incinerator or landfill, your chance to say that is in the comment box at the end of the survey.
  • You can also send in more comments and thoughts by email or phone - [email protected] or 416 392 3760.


Click here to take the survey:

Encourage your friends and family to take the survey. 

If you want paper copies to distribute for those who don’t use the internet, the City will send you a paper survey (call 416 392 3760).

More information: