Micro-Grants for Toronto Buildings - Application Form

The Zero Waste High-Rise Project is offering micro-grants up to $500 to help Toronto multi-residential buildings take action to reduce waste. The goal of the funding is to support buildings in carrying out their Action Plan. 

TEA receives funding for the Zero Waste High-Rise Project, including these micro-grants, from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario. 

Eligible buildings:

  • Funding is available for actions at multi-residential buildings in the City of Toronto. Buildings can have City of Toronto municipal waste service or private waste service and can be any ownership model (rental, condo, co-op). 
  • Buildings can only make one application, and those that have previously received funding from TEA in this project are not eligible.
  • Applicants must confirm they will:
    • Complete a final progress report, including photos to verify completion by March 14th.
    • Submit receipts showing paid expenses by March 14th.
    • Inform residents and owners in the building about participation in the project and acknowledge funding (TEA will provide required statements).
    • Allow TEA to share your building's actions and results publicly and with researchers (building address and individual names can be excluded on request).

Application process

  • *Applications now closed* Resident or staff representatives of the building must complete the micro-grant application form (below) by February 15th as well as all forms in the online pathway.
  • TEA staff will review the application form and Action Plan to make the decision, and will also consider the other forms submitted. TEA staff may request additional information to support the application.
  • Applications will be reviewed as they are received and grants may be awarded before the February 15th deadline. 
  • Funding will be released after final reports and receipts are submitted.

Eligible expenses:

  • Grantees will be reimbursed up to $500 for confirmed expenses to carry out their Action Plans.
  • Funds can be used for ‘hard’ costs for materials or activities that will make it easier for residents and staff to reduce waste in a permanent / ongoing way for the building (see examples below).
  • Funds cannot be used for staff salaries, events or products for single or short term use (e.g. plastic bags, recyclable single use dishware).

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • Improvements to waste rooms and collection spaces to improve access 
  • Sorting stations or bins (e.g. new recycling bins, hazardous material sorting area, reuse shelves) 
  • Signage to improve communications (e.g. new message board for waste area, translated building-specific information) 
  • Tools to support staff and residents (e.g. grabbers to pick contaminants out of recycling bins, box crusher, small rolling carts for door to door collection) 

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