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CouncilWatch - New Mayor will have to work with a green council

On Monday, we released our Candidate Report Card grading over 200 council
candidates on their answers to 20 yes or no questions on our 6 Environmental Priorities.  The response was overwhelming: the majority of candidates care about the environment!
Read more here: http://torontoenvironment.org/voteto/reportcard

The good news is that the vast majority of candidates (83%) who responded
got an A or A+. This includes 20 incumbents and top candidates in 4 open wards, meaning that we're likely to get at least 24 environmentally-friendly Councillors.

In our media release on Monday, Executive Director Franz Hartmann said:
“Unless we get some very strange results on election night, Toronto’s new Mayor will be dealing with a very green Council committed to building on 10 years of environmental successes in Toronto.”

Highlights of the results include:

  •   20 incumbents scored A or higher
  •   Top candidates in 4 open wards scored A or higher
  •   13 incumbents received an F

The not so good news: a number of candidates, including 13 incumbents, received an F because they refused to complete the survey, or failed to reply to repeated emails and calls from TEA staff and volunteers.

The survey is meant to be a key tool for voters to clarify their candidates'
environmental commitment. We hope that you can share this information with your neighbours and friends and encourage others to vote for the environment on October 25th!

To see the grades, detailed answers, and survey questions please go to:

Stay Tuned for TEA's Mayoral Report Card

We will be releasing our Mayoral Candidate Report Card in the coming week. Stay tuned to see how the top candidates scored!

Click here to see the Mid-Campaign Mayoral Report Card we issued in July: http://torontoenvironment.org/voteto/priorities/reportcard


Council Voting Records Coming Soon!

TEA has a 10 year tradition of tracking the elected Council voting records
for environmental decisions during their terms.

The Mid Term Environmental Report Card issued in 2008 for the recent council includes voting records for incumbents in this election: http://torontoenvironment.org/reportcard08

In the coming week, we'll be releasing a final grade for each ward councillor for the 2006-10 term to help voters evaluate incumbents.