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CouncilWatch - Clearing the Air on the TTC

November 25, 2010

New report reveals LRT is the ‘Greener Way’ for TTC

Clearing the Air

Last week, TEA and TTCriders released Clearing the Air on the TTC, a report with key recommendations for the future of the TTC and the new Council.

The report notes that – per dollar spent – Light Rail Transit (LRT) emits less than half the greenhouse gases of subways. Also, because LRT is less expensive and faster to build, it reaches more people and gets more cars off the road, sooner than subways.

The report received a flurry of media attention, including TV and radio interviews and a number of print media articles.Read the Executive Summary and download the full report from our website here.



Join the TTCriders 

We are working with others to build a vibrant transit advocacy group that gives a strong voice to the interests and concerns of the millions of us who use the TTC.  

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1,000 letters - and counting!

You, and others like you from across Toronto, have been working to build a greener city. The achievements we've had over the last ten years may now be under threat from our new Council. We need you to tell your Councillor that Torontonians care about the environment and that it must remain a priority. 

As part of our Help Us Keep Council Green campaign, we've collected over 1000 letters, but we need more!  Write your letter today, and ask 3 friends or family members to do the same. The more letters we have, the stronger the message we can send to City Hall!