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CouncilWatch - Vote for the Environment & Speak out for Services

September 23, 2011

Vote for the Environment on October 6th!

The Provincial government plays a key role in keeping Ontario's energy
green, our air and water clean, and in determining how our cities
operate and are funded.

Twenty-one non-profit organizations from across Ontario, including TEA, have endorsed six key actions to usher in an era of Green Prosperity for Ontario.

Learn about the key issues and ask your candidates where they stand.  Visit the Green Prosperity website for more information, including a table comparing the party platforms.

The Good News - Bad News Executive Committee meeting

There is bad news and good news coming out of the 20-hour Executive Committee meeting that ended last Tuesday.
The bad news is that important environmental services are still on the chopping block at City Hall. Read the final decision notes on the City website.

The good news is that the thousands of residents
who have talked to Committees, sent emails, made phone calls, and
participated in the public consultation survey are having an impact!

Because of the public pressure, the decision about whether to cut the
services has been put off to the budget debate starting in November.

TEA staff Transit Campaigner Jamie Kirkpatrick talked to Exec Committee just before midnight on Sept 19spoke at the Committee meeting - read or watch our deputations here.

Campaigner Jamie Kirkpatrick spoke just before midnight.

Because of the Committee's decision, we have more time to mobilize! Council
will be discussing service cuts on September 26, and again in November.
We need to keep the pressure on, and show Councillors that Torontonians
don't want cuts to environmental services now, or later.

Please call your Councillor today and tell them: Environmental Services are too important to cut now or during the 2012 budget process.
Find your councillor's phone and email here, or call 311.

Thanks for your support!

The TEA team

Sign our Petition!

Tell Councillors to protect Environmental Services

Let your councillor know that environmental services save money by
keeping our air and water clean, and our city healthy and green!

Sign our petition today, and share it with friends and family.

Thank You for your Support!

With your support, we've been able to mobilize community members across
the City, attend Committee meetings and keep our thousands of members
informed about important environmental issues!

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers -- we couldn't do this without you!

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