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CouncilWatch - Election today & City Services update

Vote for the Environment!

Today is the day: get out and vote & get your friends and family out too! This election, vote for candidates who care about the environment, and will help build a greener Ontario for all!

The Provincial government plays a key role in keeping our energy green, our air and water clean, supporting green transportation, and in how our cities are funded.

To learn more about the party platforms, check out the Green Prosperity website: www.greenprosperity.ca

City Service Review - Some wins, some losses, some delays

On September 27th, City Council voted on a number of proposed service cuts. Thanks to the many Torontonians who spoke up, Councillors stood up and, on the whole, stopped most service cuts from happening. Most service cuts have been delayed for reconsideration during the budget process this fall.

The great news is that Councillor Bailao's motion to save Community Environment Days was successful, but unfortunately, Councillor McMahon's efforts to protect our Tree Canopy targets did not pass Council. See the decision document on the City website.

The services being reviewed in the 2012 budget process include the Toronto Environment Office, the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, TTC ridership improvements and the city waste diversion targets. Read more about the service review process, and what environmental services are at stake on our website

We won't know the details until the Mayor presents his 2012 budget in mid November. We do know there will be an across the board 10% cut for all services. The budget will then be debated and voted on in January.TEA will continue monitoring City Hall and keep you informed.

In the meantime, if you haven't done so yet, please sign our petition asking Councillors not to cut important environmental services.


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