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CouncilWatch - 2012 Budget notes - waste & water rates

November 18, 2011

Waste & Water budgets compromise the environment

On November 29th, Council will vote on a budget for Solid Waste and Toronto Water for 2012. Unfortunately, the budgets include program cuts and weakening of standards that will harm the environment.

The Waste budget will make it harder for residents to divert waste.
The budget Cuts Community Environment Days from 44 events in each ward to only 11 across the City. This cuts access to environmental programs, and the safe disposal of hazardous waste for residents.

The budget Cancels collection of overflow recycling -- recyclables placed in clear bags when bins are full. Residents would have to store overflow for the next pick-up. Most concerning is that Councillor Minnan-Wong explained this service cut is because private collectors charge more for overflow collection (see InsideToronto and Globe & Mail articles). This means that privatizing waste services may already be reducing waste diversion in Toronto. Read more on the TEA website.

The Water budget will reward polluters.
Of greatest concern to TEA is that the City is proposing to subsidize water rates for industrial polluters.  

Industrial water users currently have the option to get discounted water rates if they create water efficiency plans and don’t break the City’s important water pollution by-laws. The budget proposes to remove these requirements and give the discount to all industries. This will cost the city at least $1.6 million in lost revenues, in addition to cost of cleaning up more pollution. Read more on the TEA website.

Toronto Budget 2012
Thousands of residents responded to the threat of serious cuts during the City Service Review, and stood up for services that help keep our air and water clean. 

Some services were taken off the chopping block, but some cuts were only delayed and are being considered now during the 2012 budget process.

Key dates

Nov 28 - 2012 Capital & Operating budgets launched
Dec 8 - Public hearings on 2012 budgets
Jan 17 - Council meeting to debate & vote on budgets

Learn more on the City website & read about environmental services impacts on the TEA website

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