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CouncilWatch - Victory on water & waste budgets!

December 2, 2011

Water & Waste budget victory!

On November 29, Council voted No to budget proposals that would reward water polluters and make recycling harder for Torontonians, thanks in part to the hard work of TEA staff.

Water polluters won't be subsidized. Councillors voted against the Mayor's budget proposal to allow industrial water users to receive discounted rates even if they break the City's water pollution by-laws.  Read more on the TEA website.

Residents get 44 Community Environment Days. Council voted to save Community Environment Days in September, but the waste budget proposed to cut them down by 75% - from 44 to just 11! Fortunately, Council voted to support these very effective events that bring environmental services to every corner of the City.

Overflow recycling collection will continue. Thanks to pressure from the media and residents, Councillors on the Mayor's Executive voted against his proposed budget that would stop collecting excess recycling from residents. Read more on the TEA website.

2012 Budget hurts air quality, stalls action on climate change

The Mayor's 2012 budget cuts mean our environment will suffer as air quality gets worse and as Toronto's ability to deal with climate change is reduced. TEA staff are working hard to understand what these cuts will mean for our environment and to mobilize our members and partners.

Important environmental services to cut include:

  • TTC service cuts to 56 bus routes and 6 streetcar lines
  • 10 cent TTC fare increase
  • cuts to nurturing Toronto's tree canopy
  • cuts to the Toronto Environment Office will stop sustainable energy and climate change programs
  • major cuts to green community engagement programs
  • cuts to maintaining TTC infrastructure

Read more on TEA's website.

This budget will mean dirtier air, less action on climate change and less public engagement are just some of the many services cut in a budget that will also fire over 1200 city workers. Toronto doesn't have to become a meaner and dirtier city, because the City has the money to maintain these services.

Tell Councillors that Toronto needs clean air and solid climate change plans! 

More for Less:

10 cent fare hike &
10% cut to TTC budget

Last week TEA's Transit Campaigner Jamie Kirkpatrick revealed the secret list of TTC route cuts planned for 2012.

These service cuts come despite a planned 10 cent fare hike and record ridership levels on overcrowded buses across the City.

Thousands of transit riders signed letters to Council demanding service improvements, not service cuts in 2012.

(Photo: Kirkpatrick delivers letters to TTC Chair Stintz)

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