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CouncilWatch - TTCriders give TTC bad grades; summer events in the city

August 3, 2012

TTCriders give bad grades to the TTC in report card

On July 18th TTCriders released The State of Public Transit in Toronto, (TEA is a proud member and host of TTCriders). The report card
concluded that transit expansion is getting back on track, but fares are going up while transit service is going down. 

A key problem is the lack of investment in maintaining and improving existing public transit services by Provincial and Federal levels of government.  Without sustainable TTC operating funding, public transit in Toronto will continue to be inadequate and TTC riders will continue to suffer and have to pay more money for less service.

The report card received excellent coverage by major media outlets and succeeded in getting public transit decision makers to listen and respond (Star, CP24, CityTV, Torontoist, National Post, Sun).

Read the report here: The State of Public Transit in Toronto

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