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CouncilWatch - Victory for the Environment in 2012 Budget!

January 19, 2012

Budget 2012 - Victory for the Environment thanks to You!

CouncilWatch readers know that the environment and many important City services were at stake yesterday when City Council met to adopt the 2012 Budget.

Thanks to the thousands of TEA members and Torontonians who contacted their City Councillors, a majority of them voted to stop cuts to key environmental services!

After a full day of debate, here is what we won:

  • stopped cuts on almost all TTC bus routes
  • saved staff in the Toronto Environment Office to implement the Sustainable Energy Plan
  • saved half the funding for the LiveGreen Toronto Community Animator program
  • saved the Sustainable Energy Revolving Loan funds

This huge victory for the environment was the result of over 10 months of intensive work by our members, volunteers and staff - Thank You!

Together, we spoke to tens of thousands of Torontonians and to City Councillors about the costs to human health, the environment and the economy that would result if important environmental services were cut.

Thankfully, a majority of Councillors listened and voted to keep important city services.

Read more on our website, and find out how your Councillor voted.

Thank You!

The TEA Team

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Letters & petitions presented at Council

At the Budget meeting, Councillor Mike Layton presented thousands of letters from residents across the City. The letters asked Councillors to
stop cuts to environmental services that keep our air and water clean.

Thank you to all of our members who signed our letters and petitions!

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