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CouncilWatch - Getting Toronto to 80% waste diversion

November 2, 2012

Getting Toronto to 80% waste diversion

Toronto's residential waste diversion rate is stuck at 50% - far lower than the target of 70% by 2010. Outside the home, waste diversion is even worse - province-wide, commercial institutions divert only 13% of their waste!

TEA's new report Leaping to 80 outlines key recommendations to get Toronto diverting over 80% of our waste by 2015. This will not only benefit the environment, but it will extend the life of our costly landfill, and create over a thousand green jobs!

Download the report here

These recommendations are especially important now as City Hall is talking about Toronto's waste:

TEA staff and volunteers will be at City Hall in the next few weeks to make sure that the long term benefits of diverting Toronto's waste is a top priority. Check our website and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date!

What's in my backyard?

This Sunday, TEA's Toxics Campaigner, Heather Marshall, will be speaking on a panel at BreastFest, a film festival about breast cancer.

Heather will be talking about the impact of toxic chemicals on our health, and the public right to know about toxins in our environment, including Toronto's landmark Community Right to Know by-law.

Read more about the event here.



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