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CouncilWatch - Getting ready for 2040 (&40 days over 40C!)

November 19, 2012

A new report predicts Toronto will see drastically more heat waves and rainfall in 2040. The report urges Council to consider these facts to help Toronto prepare for climate change, but City Hall has deferred discussion on it until next year. Some of the report findings:

  • Toronto will see almost 40 days per year with a humidex over 40˚C (current average is 9 per year).
  • Heat waves (3+ days of 32˚C) will occur 5 times a year, instead of once every two years.
  • We'll see 80% more summer rain in July, 50% more in August.
  • Extreme rain events will almost triple in size to 166mm in 24hrs from the current 66 mm.
    (Read more in the full report, and Toronto Star article).

We can act now to protect our communities from more storms and flooding, to support a resilient urban forest, and invest in energy efficiency and a reliable grid.

Unfortunately, important environmental services like these are at risk due to municipal budget cuts.

TEA staff are working hard to uncover environmental budget concerns at City Hall including cuts to the sustainble energy loan program, threats to our tree canopy, discounts for water polluters while basement flooding programs are underfunded, and delays in waste diversion programs.

To help “Get Ready for 40” (40 days of 40˚+C by 2040) please:
Donate to TEA to help us spread the word about 2040.
Read more about the 2013 Budget and what TEA is doing.

TEA Meet & Greet
Riverdale - Nov 29

Join TEA's Waste Campaigner, Emily Alfred, on Thurs Nov 29 at the Riverdale library (370 Broadview Ave).
6:30 pm - info tables, conversation
7:00 pm - short presentation
7:30 pm - questions, discussion

Emily will be talking about TEA's new waste report on how Toronto can divert 80% of our waste from landfill. She'll also give an update on waste issues at City Hall including the 2013 Waste budget.

The free event is also a chance to meet other TEA supporters and ask questions about waste issues.

RSVP not necessary, but appreciated - [email protected]

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