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CouncilWatch - TEA convinces Committee to take waste diversion seriously

March 28, 2013

TEA convinces councillors to take waste diversion seriously

Toronto waste binsIn March, the Public Works Committee heard a staff report on the future of waste management in Toronto. Sadly, the report didn't provide enough detail on a plan to get to 70% waste diversion, and beyond, over the next 30 years.

TEA was there to tell councillors that diversion needs to be the top priority. We urged councillors to push for more support and education for
Torontonians to reduce the 66% of recyclables ending up in the garbage stream, and to make sure that residents in apartments get green bins now.

The Committee agreed. In June, staff will report back with further details and commitments to get to 70% diversion in the next three years. TEA will be there to ensure that your stories are heard!

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Transit funding discussion heats up with call for new taxes

Last week, the Toronto Regional Board of Trade called for new taxes to help fund public transit infrastructure, something we haven't seen in over a generation.

TEA applauded Toronto's key business group for acknowledging the need for new taxes for public transit. The Board of Trade’s message was directed at Provincial and City politicians, many of whom still don’t accept that new funding tools are necessary and urgent.

While TEA does not necessarily endorse the Board of Trade’s choice of taxes, (and we will be releasing our recommendations based on what’s best to build a greener city for all), we are happy with its efforts to get this much-needed conversation started.

Thanks for your waste diversion stories!

We asked you to share, and we've heard great stories from across the City about efforts to reduce waste at home, school and work!

"With the help and permission from the building management, I am trying to get my fellow residents in my apartment to recycle properly…”

“Learning about composting at the Community Environment Days made a huge difference for me.”

Your stories help us show Councillors that Torontonians care about waste diversion.




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