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CouncilWatch - Dirty Truths

October 9, 2013

In this issue, read about the dirty truths of dry cleaning, climate
change and your garbage and help us with some exciting new TEA projects!

The truth about dirty laundry

Ever wonder what chemicals are used to get the grit out of 'dry clean only' clothing? Truth is, many dry cleaners in Toronto use an old school toxic substance called 'perc' to remove stains.

Perc is suspected to cause cancer, respiratory illness, and harm the reproductive system. Most at risk are workers & residents living
near these shops, but perc can also off-gas from the clothes for days.

That's why perc (short for perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene) is listed on Toronto's Toxic 25 list. Now that dry cleaners report this chemical to Public Health we know that they use over 27 tonnes of perc every year! Click here to find out if a shop near you uses perc.

Also, please support our dream of developing a Toronto Green Dry Cleaner Guide so we can help you spot the difference!

A Fair Deal for Riders

TTCriders just launched a new campaign called A Fair Deal for Riders. It calls on the provincial government to contribute $700 million to the TTC to pay for a 25% increase in overall service, reduce fares by 20 cents, and fare discounts for those in need.

A recent Day of Action had 40 volunteers collecting petition signatures at transit stops. Sign the petition at: www.ttcriders.ca/sign-our-petition-to-fund-our-ttc/

In other transit news, City Council voted to replace the Scarborough RT with a 3-stop subway.  While the 7-stop Light Rail Transit line would have been fully funded by the Province, the subway will require the City to raise $1 billion through new property taxes over 30 years. Read the decision details.

Toronto's billion dollar storm

The July rainstorm that flooded much of Toronto cost local residents about $1 billion. Today, City Council is considering a staff report on what we've learned and must do to prepare for severe weather events caused by climate change.

Let us dig
into your bin!

We need households to be part of TEA's new Waste Reduction project.

TEA wants to study your garbage so we can sort out what Torontonians are still throwing in the trash. This will inform new ways for Toronto to reduce, reuse & recycle, and focus City Council attention on our waste(less) future!

If you're interested, please fill out our short questionnaire!

Toronto Green Dry Cleaners Guide

While many dry cleaners in Toronto still use a highly toxic chemical, the good news is there are safe alternatives used by some Toronto businesses!

We are calling on you today to help us raise money to produce a Toronto Green Dry Cleaners guide. This guide would help you make healthier and greener decisions for you, your family, and the City of Toronto.


This month in history

Working with citizens in Toronto and Kirkland Lake in October 2000, TEA convinced Council to cancel a high-cost, high-risk plan to dump Toronto's garbage in northern Ontario.
Read more in our archive.

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