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CouncilWatch - Mapping Toronto's diverse green future

November 29, 2013

In this issue, TEA makes history by hosting an Enviro Summit and critiques the City's continued failure to invest in prepping Toronto for the impacts of climate change.

TEA Makes History at 25th Anniversary Enviro Summit
Imagine if TEA issues were top of mind for community groups that represent students and the city’s many diverse cultures and neighbourhoods. Imagine how much more we could accomplish together to build a greener city for all.

TEA took a huge step towards making this happen last Friday at Enviro Summit 2013: Mapping a Diverse Green Future for Toronto. As part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations, TEA brought together 17 environmentalists, 17 leaders representing Toronto’s diverse cultural communities and neighbourhoods and 8 student leaders.

View more photos from the Enviro Summit

For an entire day we spoke about how our issues intersect and how to effectively collaborate. Anti-poverty activists connected with environmentalists on how to keep transit fares affordable and expand transit into all parts of the city. Leaders from cultural organizations & neighbourhood groups connected with TEA on how to improve waste diversion, especially in high-rise buildings.

"I just wanted to recognize the priority, the strategic priority that’s been placed, the ability to bring us all together, and to thank TEA for the opportunity to let us have this conversation...probably the first meeting of its kind in Toronto’s history"
- Alejandra Bravo, Maytree Foundation

Twenty-five years ago TEA was formed to build a greener city for all. We started small in the old city of Toronto. On Friday, TEA showed how much we’ve grown, now working in every part of Toronto with organizations that represent the diverse city we’re proud to live in. 

CAPTION: Franz Hartmann from TEA showing how a hurricane in the Philippines is connected to the lives of Toronto residents. Climate change was a subject raised at the Enviro Summit.

Budget 2014: 
Aren't we worth it?

Do you know of anyone who has said “I’m against investing in better infrastructure because when climate change really hits I want more basement flooding and power outages - like we had in July”? What about "I don't care about improving transit because I want more traffic congestion and dirtier air”?

No? Then you will find it surprising that the city’s proposed 2014 budget provides no help in getting Torontonians ready for regular severe weather events that will come with climate change nor does it protect residents from poor air quality. For the third year in a row, the city budget simply maintains the status quo. While there are no significant cuts to existing environmental programs there are also no new investments. This needs to change.

Learn what you can do get City Hall to invest in our future by visiting TEA's website. We will soon be developing a 2014 Budget Page to keep you up to date. Visit the City of Toronto's 2014 Budget website for details on City Council's meeting schedule and investment plans.

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Butt out the litter

Cigarette butts are toxic and cause harm to our land and waterways. Toronto is looking at how to deal with cigarette butt litter across the City. 

Toronto is drawing from other jurisdictions such as the butt recycling program in Vancouver and Thunder Bay, New York's proposed deposit-refund program, and San Francisco's fee-based system whereby cigarette companies cover litter clean up costs!

Learn more about Toronto's next steps in cleaning up cigarette litter.

Billy Bishop Airport
No Jets Toronto Update

The City staff report calling to delay the island airport decision 'splits' Toronto City Councillors. Read More

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