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CouncilWatch - Show your city some love

February 13, 2014

In this issue, TEA talks about sending a valentine to Toronto's ravines and the last budget passed by City Council.

On Valentine's Day, Show Your Love For The Ravines!

We love our ravines! They are rich and beautiful natural spaces that provide a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With bike paths, running trails, and kilometers of river shorelines to explore, our ravines are truly a gift to Torontonians that keeps on giving. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to share some of that love back with the Ravines!

Photo Credit: Instagram @juleskelly89 #lovetheravinesPlease help us protect our beautiful ravines by making them part of the Greenbelt. Doing so will ensure permanent provincial protection for these natural treasures. Sign the petition to ask City Council to add the Don and Humber Ravines to the Greenbelt.

Council Passes Budget Short on Wise Investments

Imagine your home has a leaky roof. Would it be wise to ignore repairing it to avoid expenses? The short answer is no.

Yet this is exactly what City Council did last month with the 2014 budget.

The severe weather events of 2013 showed Toronto is not ready for climate change, as TEA’s Franz Hartmann noted in the Toronto Star. City Council should have invested wisely to get our city ready. Instead, they kept the property tax increase lower than any other GTA municipality.

It’s time our elected officials heard from us that investing our money wisely in getting ready for climate change is a priority. Stay tuned as TEA develops tools for the upcoming city elections to help us elect a City Council that will invest wisely in Toronto.

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Claire's Pledge to Plunge

One of TEA's dedicated volunteers, Claire, is fundraising to take part in TEA's Polar Bear Plunge. Her goal is to raise $50 to help TEA tackle climate change issues in the city.

You can join us in the plunge or support our efforts by making a donation today!

Donate to TEA through our
online donation form.

Toronto's Tree Canopy
Recent events like the ice storm and a citizen blockade have brought renewed attentionto Toronto’s troubled tree canopy. In the next few months, Parks & Environment Committee will hear from staff about how to improve and better enforce our tree & ravine protection by-laws. Stay tuned!

Island Airport Debate Delayed Again

Photo Credit: City of Toronto
For a second time in a row, the City's Executive Committee put off discussing a staff report that recommends against a proposal to allow commercial jets to use the Island Airport.

To let your Councillor know that you don't want jets on our waterfront, please visit NoJets TO.

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