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CouncilWatch - Transit Funding Plan Lacks Funding

April 17, 2014

Transit Funding Plan Lacks Funding


On Monday, April 14, Premier Kathleen Wynne made a well-publicized announcement outlining how her government would fund public transit in Ontario. The good news is Premier Wynne promised to create a dedicated fund and find $15 billion over the next 10 years to build public transit and transportation infrastructure in the Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The bad news is the Premier's announcement failed to address a number of key issues necessary to build the transit service that Torontonians deserve. There was no mention of new funding to pay for existing transit service, which Torontonians know is getting worse and more expensive. Nor was there any mention of what new revenue sources would be used to build the new transit and transportation infrastructure.

Unfortunately, neither Mr. Hudak nor Ms. Horvath have plans that are better than Premier Wynne's. The sad truth is that our Provincial leaders are not responding to the public who want our political leaders to act.

To read TEA's statement on this announcement, please go here.

Toronto's Prescription for Polluted Air

Toronto Public Health released a report today proving that Toronto’s air pollution continues causing high levels of premature death and hospitalization. The report concludes that each year air pollution causes 1,300 premature deaths and 3,550 hospitalizations in Toronto. Motor vehicle pollution alone is responsible for 280 people dying and 1,090 people ending up in hospitals.  
Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health is proposing a '
Path to Healthier Air', which demands that the Premier of Ontario makes urgent investments in transit and active transportation solutions to reduce air pollution and protect the health of Torontonians.

Additionally, the Medical Officer of Health wants to see better urban planning that takes the health risks of living near highways into account, especially when designing new buildings.


Click here to read the Path to Healthier Air report on the health impacts of air pollution and recommended solutions for Toronto. Want to have your say? Join TEA at the upcoming Board of Health meeting on April 28th!

Happy Birthday Earth!

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Clean Up Day

(Photo: Ryan Hagerty)

Pop cans, coffee cups, food wrappers, plastic bags, cigarette butts are just some of the sights that greet us as the snow melts. While community clean-up days - organized by the City and community groups - are one way to deal with this litter, we need a better plan that stops the litter in the first place.
Deposit-return programs, fees from the companies who sell these disposable products and more public recycling bins are just some of the solutions. The good news is that Toronto Solid Waste just sent a letter asking the
Province for mandatory fees from cigarette manufacturers to deal with waste. This is a great first step, but much more needs to be done!

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