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Community Right to Know E-Bulletin (May 2007)

Take Action on Bill 164

Dear Community Right to Know supporters,

At the provincial level Bill 164: The Community Right to Know Act has just passed legislative hearings and now with one laste vote, it can become the law. Bill 164 proposes to amend the Consumer Protection Act by adding information labels to products that have toxic chemicals in them and to amend the Environmental Protection Act by creating an publically accessible provincial pollution inventory (coordinate all existing environmental information at the provincial level into one easy to access portal).

Just to clarify, this is different from TEA's CRTK campaign which is advocating for the adoption of a municipal bylaw that would mandate all businesses regardless of size to report their use, storage and release of toxic chemcials and to make this reported information easily accessible to the public. Currently, only 3% of Toronto businesses report their toxic chemcial releases.

TEA strongly supports Bill 164. We need to flood the offices of Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley (he sets the final vote date) or your local MPP with emails and/or phone calls demanding they pass this Act. Below is a letter you can use and the necessary email addresses. Or call the offices of Premier Dalton McGuinty at (416) 325-1941 or Government House Leader Jim Bradley at (416) 325-7754.

Thank you for your time and support!

Lina Cino
Toxics Campaign Co-ordinator
Toronto Environmental Alliance
201 - 30 Duncan Street
Toronto, ON M5V 2C3
tel: 416-596-0660
[email protected]